Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 3

Four months passed.

Jijabai woke up every morning and went thru her daily routine, went out for walks, spent time with Laxmibai. Her pregnancy was preceding eventlessly.One afternoon Jijabai was resting and Laxmibai was by her side as usual, sewing. She asked Jijabai if she had any particular cravings. Jijabai smiled and said, �if you meant about food, no, I don�t. But I do crave to go for a ride on a horseback, I do crave to feel cool mountain air on my face, I do crave to see lush green fields�

Laxmibai finished her sewing and got up, �you get some rest now�, she said

�I have been unable to nap lately�


�Baby keeps kicking!� Both of them laughed

That evening as Jijabai and Laxmibai were getting ready for their evening walk, a servant approached them, �are you planning to go towards the �Tukmuk� cliff?� he asked.

�Yes, why?�

�I request you not to go there today.�


�A man is being punished there today; all walks leading to �tukmak� are blocked. That is why I dared to ��


�Go and tell Vishwasrao I want to see him.�

When Vishwasrao came Jijabai asked him who was getting punished and why.

�A thief. He stole a sack of grain yesterday.�

�A death sentence for that?�

�Madam, during draught season as present, if we don�t take tough stand, it won�t be long before people start migrating elsewhere for food�

�It is your territory, they are your people, and who am I to say anything. But nobody steals by choice. And plus if people don�t have enough to eat, doesn�t some blame go to us, their caretakers too?�

�You just need to order ��

�No, no orders, just a suggestion. Please don�t issue out any death sentences while I am here.�

�As you wish.� With that Vishwasrao left.

�You saved his life madam, all the credit goes to you. Poor guy was crying, I just thought if you were to know �.�

�See Laxmibai, how our people manipulate us?�

Just as they turned around, a man came running and fell at Jijabai�s feet and started crying. Jijabai picked him up and told him to go home to his family and never to steal again. He told her that he will never forget her or what she has done for him, and left.     

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