Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 4

Jijabai couldn’t recover from this new shock. She was waking up at nights in cold sweats. The nightmares were persisting, tears were not ceasing.

Finally one day Laxmibai said, “What are you doing Madam? I know things are not going well. But you just have to get hold of yourself. This constant tension, lack of sleep, not eating properly, all this might affect the baby adversely.”

 “Don’t! Please don’t say that Laxmibai! I won’t cry again, see I will wipe my eyes.” While grieving for father, Jijabai had forgotten about the baby she was carrying.

 But from that day on, Jijabai started her daily routine again. She started getting out of the house, meeting people and most importantly she started smiling again.



Jijabai was coming to full term now. Midwives were around her day and night now. One room was freshly painted and was decorated with Swastikas on all walls. Silver oil lamps were placed all around. Now everything and everybody was waiting for the new baby’s arrival.

 And then the day came ..

Vishwasrao was in a meeting with his friends and advisors. Subject came up of the person Jijabai had pardoned weeks before. “Madam is very sensitive, she saved his life that day, but unless things change, unless we get good rain soon, we are sure to have another very difficult year!”

“Yes, my astrological charts are showing some very difficult times coming our way!”


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