Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 4 Page 2

“Give us some good news about madam Jijabai.”

“Oh, nothing to worry about that! Every thing looks very good on that front!”

“That is true, I just checked her pulse this morning, not too long any more ……..”

“Madam just went into the labor ..” A maid came in running as if on the cue.

“I knew I wouldn’t be wrong”

 Everybody got up hurriedly, and sat down again as they realized that there wasn’t anything they can do anyway!

 Time was passing slowly now as everybody waited for further news. Evening came and passed. Now all the oil lamps were lit. Hours had passed, but the group was still sitting in place, waiting and worried. Midwives were going in and out of Jijabai’s room. But no news!

 And then finally the moment came. A midwife ran out of the room and exclaimed excitedly, “it’s a BOY!”

Vishwasrao could not hide his joy. He threw a purse full of coins toward the midwife and thanked her for the good news she had brought!


News spread like a wind. Astrologers got busy jotting down the hour – minute – and the second of the day when the little prince was born. Priests got busy offering poojas and prayers. Servants and midwives were busy taking care of the mother and the baby.

 The priest, shastriji and Vishwasrao went in to bless the baby. Astrological charts were being prepared, and everybody was waiting to hear what the future holds for the new baby.

“Shastriji, don’t hold anything back. While I was pregnant with this boy I lost my home, I lost my father, Pune was burned, drought took hold of our land ……… all this while he was still in my womb, tell me how bad the future looks now that he is born.” 

All eyes turned towards Shastriji. But he was all smiles.

“Madam, don’t even think about bad times anymore! That is all in the past. You have given birth to the Sun himself – future looks very bright!”

 “May that be true!” Jijabai said as she looked at the baby in her arms. Baby was fast asleep sucking on his fists, without any care of the world.

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