Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 5

After Jijabai�s delivery new life.  A horse ridden soldier was sent to deliver the news to ShahajiRaje. On the fort itself daily prayers were being offered. Even weapons for strength and bravery and the farm equipment for prosperity and wealth got worshiped.

Laxmibai was busy with the naming ceremony. Everyday new clothes and jewelry were being brought up to the palace. Laxmibai picked up one sari and asked Jijabai,� Nice color, isn�t it?�


�Decide on this for the ceremony?�

�Laxmibai� Jijabai said with tear filled eyes, �you are doing so much for me.�

�So we are not family, we are outsiders?�

�When did I say that?�

�You might have forgotten, I haven�t. When Shastriji was here to read baby�s horoscope, you had said, �I am neither at my parent�s home nor my husband�s house ���

�Please don�t take that seriously! You have done so much, even sister wouldn�t have! But, I still feel sometimes �..�



� Somebody from my married home should have been here for baby�s naming ceremony.�

�Why don�t you just say ShahajiRaje should be here?�

Jijabai blushed.

Next day news came that a royal palanquin was climbing up the hill. Vishwarao came with the news that ShahajiRaje�s aunt, Jijabai�s mother in law � Umabai was coming up.

Umabai came to the palace, she looked tired after her travel. Vishwasrao welcomed her.

Umabai went to the birthing room where Jijabai got up and bowed to her.

�Why did you get up dear?�Umabai asked.

Baby was sleeping in his cradle. Umabai looked at the baby very carefully and said, � looks a lot like you! When is the naming ceremony?�

Laxmibai said, � Tomorrow! Just yesterday Jijabai RaniSaheb was saying that somebody from home should have been here.�

�It is but natural that she should feel that! �Dear baby is really precious! He will fulfill all your dreams! Was his father informed?�


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