Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 5 Page 2


�I don�t believe he will come. Has to go wherever his work takes him.�

Laxmibai and Jijabai were smiling and listening to Umabai.

Umabai was restless, and finally asked, � when is he going to wake up?�

Now Jijabai could not control her smile! �pick him up, he might wake up but then he will fall asleep again in your lap.�

�No, I will wait, I don�t want to wake him up! Where is his elder brother?�

�He is with his father!�

�He is one fool, and you are second fool! Is this how a child�s childhood should be? On a horseback, out in the sun, who knows where? If I was around, I would have told him. But then again, when did he listen to me?�

Right then, baby started crying. Umabai picked the baby up, and Jijabai thanked the baby for saving her from any further lecture!

Next day early morning the whole palace got busy. Palace got decorated from inside out. Grounds were cleaned. Everybody who was who�s who was to attend the ceremony.


Umabai, was personally attending to everything. After lunch ladies started decorating the cradle. Baby was dressed in new silk clothes, happy songs could be heard from every room, every corner.

Jijabai asked Umabai, � what should we name the baby?�

�What have you decided?�

� I had prayed to Godess Shiwai while I was pregnant, so I was thinking �Shivaji��

�Nice name!�

 Baby was named SHIVAJI!

 After the ceremony, everybody left for the Temple. There Jijabai took out a purse and handed it to Vishwasrao.

�What is this?� he asked.

�My father had given it to me when he was here, he had asked me to distribute it against poor in the name of the baby. He is nomore, but this needs to be done.�

 Coins full of purse was first offered to Godess Shiwai, then being touched by baby Shivaji, before given away to the poor.

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