Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 6

Baby Shivaji was growing up in grandmother�s lap, in mother�s arms and in servant�s care. Should any hawker came by Vishwasrao would bay a toy for Shivaji. Every day was rising in baby Shivaji�s praises, and was ending the in same way. Shivaji started turning on his side, then crawling and was now standing on his feet. 

All of a sudden one day, Vishwasrao came to Jijabai�s palace. Jijabai was embroidering, Shivaji was playing with his toys. Shivaji saw Vishwasrao and ran over to him. Vishwasrao picked him up and said to Jijabai,� there is a news that ShahajiRaje is on his way.�

�When will he be here?�

�Anytime soon�

Jijabai got up and went to get Shivaji, �let me have him, I will change his clothes.�

Outside, palace was getting ready for ShahajiRaje�s arrival. Inside, Jijabai was getting ready, she wore new clothes, jwelery. Laxmibai was getting baby Shivaji ready. Laxmibai got Shivaji ready and started looking for Jijabai. She couldn�t find her, so she went outside. Jijabai was standing near the fort wall, looking down. As she approached Jijabai, she turned around, �you startled me!�

�I looked all over, couldn�t find you.�

�Oh, I was just looking, let�s go back.�

�No, no! I know exactly why you are standing here. Let�s stay here. What�s the hurry to go back anyway?� Laxmibai was smiling.

�Oh, you will never stop teasing me!� Jijabai said as she sat down.


They both sat down, taking the surroundings in. All of a sudden Jijabai got up, �why did you get up?� asked Laxmibai surprisingly, but then as she turned to look at what Jijabai was pointing at she saw rising dust cloud which was getting closer and closer. Soon they could see horses approaching.

�Rani Saheb, want to climb down the fort to welcome him, or here in the palace?� Laxmibai asked.

�Stop teasing me, let�s go to back to the palace.�

Welcoming drums were sounding all over the fort. In the front porch Vishwasrao was ready and waiting. As ShajiRaje got closer, everybody came down from the porch to welcome him. Everybody bowed and welcomed ShahajiRaje.

�The news of you arriving was not solid, otherwise we would have climbed down the fort to welcome you. Please forgive me for not coming.� Vishwasrao said.

�Don�t be formal! Is everything all right?�


They all entered the palace. Servants were running around hastily. ShahajiRaje freshened up, �Hope your trip was all right, uneventful.� Asked Vishwasrao.

ShahajiRaje gave a hearty laugh and said� Vishwasrao, I am so used to this lifestyle by now that it feels like I even sleep on the horseback!�

Everybody laughed, but then stopped suddenly. Shivaji was coming in from the inner room. As everybody was looking at that beautiful, healthy baby, Raje said, � welcome Prince Shivaji. I have come just to see you�, and he reached for him.

Shivaji hurried over to his father.


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