Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 7

Baby Shivaji was now about a year old. Drought was severe, folks were deserting their homes and villages were now looking like ghost towns. Since it was impossible to feed the live stock, cows, horses, sheep and dogs were wandering in empty, dry, cracked fields! Villagers were being forced to desert their homes, villages, in search of water, food.  In this atmosphere gold was worthless, fistful of grain had become wealth! Otherwise good honorable people were committing unthinkable crimes in order to feed their families. Streets had become unsafe. Even birds other than vultures were long gone! Vulture were the only healthy creatures around!

And to top this all, Shahjahan was wrecking havoc in the south. Whoever was left in the village was losing their lives and life savings to the war.

Within two years the whole county side had run to the ground.

VishwasRao was in charge of the fort. Doors were kept closed all the time. Nobody was allowed in without proper identification. Wells within the fort were running dry. Water was rationed.

Shivaji turned two. His birthday was celebrated on the fort during the winter. Days, seasons were turning, winter was over and  everybody started looking at the sky in the anticipation for some rain! They were all praying to the God, hoping for rain.

And then one day, there were clouds in the sky, wind died down, and then there was thunder and lightning.  Shivaji was standing looking at the sky along with others. He asked, �is it going to rain?�

�Yes my dear, looks like it is going to rain!�



As it thundered again, Shivaji hugged his mother. Jijabai took him inside. The curtain of rain was advancing; hail was making noise on window panes. Others ran inside too. Shivaji was trying to catch the raindrops through the open window. Scent of rain drops on hot ground was filling the atmosphere. It was raining hard, water started dripping through the roof, but everybody was so happy that it was raining, nobody paid attention to those leaks!

Everybody was outside as soon as it stopped raining. Just one hard rain, but it had changed the whole scene. There was a rainbow in the sky. Shivaji saw that and said, �Mother see that!�

�That is a rainbow dear.�

Shivaji tried to repeat that, but couldn�t. He just smiled shyly.

Seeing that there were good spring showers, one day Jijabai told Vishwasrao, �I think our troubles are over, looks like we will have good rain this year.�

�Yes, it does look like it!�

�We had a drought, but is raining now, why do you still look worried?�

�Madam, it is raining, but there is nobody left in any villages, who will do the farming?�

�What do you mean who? Whoever is left!�

�Whoever is left is right here in the fort�

�Then let us empty the fort and go down and farm!


�You are the leader of this county, if you don�t farm, don�t take care of your county till villagers

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