The is updated by a team of dedicated on-line journalists, who work throughout the evening to produce the online version. The carries all the main news from India and other items impacting all. 

The presents a great advertising opportunity for companies concerned with the local and global market place alike.
  • Accountable

  • Quality of readership

  • Value for money 

User Profile
Research conducted by us in 2006 revealed the following information:

  • Indians and Non Indians through out the world
  • 25 and above years old
  • Opinion Leader
  • Professional
  • Early adopter
  • High Purchasing Power
  • Prepared to purchase online
  • Well educated
Visitors from over 90 countries around the world use the service on a regular basis.

The consistently receives in excess of 40,000 page impressions per month. This represents an excess of 6,000 individual users per month. 

Advertising Rates
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Sponsorship Available 

Banner Advert Production
The has the capacity to design, program and install most types of banner advert. Banner ad design and production costs from US$50, depending on the requirements of the advertiser. 
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