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"Tabla Darshan" has been written for easy learning of "Tabla".

The easy step by step directions introduce you to the various sounds produced on Tabla. The picture illustrations show position of fingers and placement of each hand.

The background preparation mentioned above leads you into rhythm patterns. It introduces the Teentaal - the foundation taal. It follows on with exercises. Completeing the Teentaal introduction are the four Kaaydaas and  35 Paltaas accompanied with Tihaayees.

This book is written in English.
All Tabla sounds are written in Hindi and English both

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Right Hand

Left Hand

Picture Illustrations

Front Cover

Table of Contents:

1. Origins of Tabla 7. Teen Taal - the foundation of Tabla
2. Tabla Vocabulary 8. Variation of Teentaal - 1
3. Sounds of Baayaan 9. Variation of Teentaal - 2
4. Sounds of Daayaan 10. Teentaal - Kaaydaa 1, Paltaas, Tihaayee
5. Picture illustrations 11. Teentaal - Kaaydaa 2, Paltaas, Tihaayee
6. Connecting the sounds 12. Teentaal - Kaaydaa 3, Paltaas, Tihaayee
  13. Teentaal - Kaaydaa 4, Paltaas, Tihaayee

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Tabla Book 2 introduces the Kehurwaa, Daadra, and Roopak Taals.

Tabla Book 3 provides advanced Kaydaas, Paltaas, Mukhraas, etc.

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