Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 8

It was late afternoon when Shivaji entered Pune, which was completely destroyed. It felt as if they were entering some ancient city. Ruined houses, broken walls were telling tales about time gone by, wealth they had once seen. But today, weeds were growing on those walls.

There were few small huts near the river from which people came out to see as Shivaji and his people came close. They looked scared, as all they had seen lately was soldiers coming to loot them.

Caravan stopped at one open field. Jijabai stepped out of her carriage. Maids surrounded her. Shivaji too came close, he asked, “mother is this Pune?”


“but there is nobody here but us!”

“if we ask them to come they will come join us.”

“where are we going to live?”

“one should not just look for a house to live in son; noble men build their own houses.”

Camp was set up. Tents were built. Shivaji, the Governor’s son lit the first lamp on that deserted land!

Dadoji Konddev was looking at future Pune, - the one that was going to be. Shivaji was right beside him as he was taking the stroll, looking around. People, who were scared at first, were now coming close, asking questions. They were not scared anymore.

Then one day Shivaji ran to his mother in excitement, “mother, Dadoji Pant has found a god statue!” he said


“near the river.”


Jijabai got up. She and her maids followed Shivaji to the river. Seeing them approaching, people in the way were moving out of the way respectfully. One could see happiness as well as amazement on Dadoji’s face. The Ganesha statue was found under one broken wall. It was a beautiful statue, unbroken, completely in one piece. Jijabai joined her hands religiously. Pant said, “madam, this is a very good beginning indeed!”

“yes Pant, erect a beautiful Temple right here on this spot!”

Pant nodded and said, “madam, we still haven’t found a suitable place for the house.”

“let that too be here somewhere the Temple.”

And so after all the planning was complete, Dadoji layed the first brick, and construction started. But Dadoji was restless. In his mind noble, for important people like Shivaji and Jijabai – having just one house was neither proper nor safe. And so he chose ‘Khed’ as the second place of the residence. He mapped the town, chose Mudgal Nharekar as in charge there, and started the work on the second residence as well.

Monsoon came, but houses were not ready yet. Nharekar solved this problem by offering his house in Khed. And so Shivaji and Jijabai moved into that house for the time being. Shivaji was regularly riding to and from Pune with Dadoji. He was witnessing new houses being built in both Pune and Khed, and new people trickling into towns. He was taking his reading and writing lessons from Shastrji, and was reading Mahabharata to his mother when time permitted.

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In the first phase, the Temple restoration committee has prepared a plan to completely renovate the ancient temple, protect it by encasing it in glass through a new structure, The estimated expenditure is about Rs. 150 million. Work has already commenced............  Yashwant Sinha
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