Shriman Yogi by Mr. Ranjeet Desai - Issue 8, Page 2

News was spreading about new houses being built, wells being dug. And soon construction workers, carpenters started coming in looking for work and then started making their own houses there.

In time Shivaji’s both Pune and Khed houses were done. Pune house was grander, richer than that one of Khed. It has two meeting places, one for general public, and one for private/inner circle use. There was a separate wing for ladies use. There was a large beautiful kitchen and a large storage room. And there was a beautiful and peaceful room for all the deities.

Apart from this there was enough room for both cows and horses.

Dadoji named this house ‘Lal Mahal’. Right alongside the house was the Shri Ganesha Temple.

After Shivaji and Jijabai moved into Lal Mahal, one day Dadoji gathered all important people, farmers, tenants together. All these people had left Pune in fear of Moguls. Dadoji invited them to come back and occupy their homes again. But they were still scared, one Patil said, “Pant you say come back, but how many times can we start anew and lose everything all over again? And with whose backing?”

Shivaji who was sitting close by and listening asked, “didn’t we start anew?”

“you have people and power behind you sir”

“I have never known a Maratha who was afraid of starting over again”, Pant said.

“Do we like how things are right now? We too want to come back home. We are just scared.”



After everybody was gone Dadoji was still in deep thought. Four days passed. And then Dadoji invited same people to Lal Mahal. They were met by musicians playing a happy, energetic tune. Inside, Jijabai was worshiping a gold hoe, which was specially made to order. Then it was religiously lifted and brought out. Dadoji and Shivaji accompanied the hoe. Shivaji was dressed like a miniature kind. He had a small sword hanging to his waist and a shield on his back. Everybody was staring at Shivaji with amusement and respect. As everybody was chanting ‘Har Har Mahadev’, hoe was put to the ground and with Shivaji’s little hands soil of old deserted Pune was being turned upside down.

Then one day Dadoji went to Jijabai and said, “ with your permission I would like to take Shivaji to Shivapur.”


“we have decided to have a mango orchard there. I would like to start that with his hands. We received the seedlings late last night, so I couldn’t tell you.”

“it’s not like you tell me everything any way!”

“why do you say that?”

“you didn’t tell me my husband has taken a new wife.” Jijabai said with a smile.

“who told you about it?”

“Laxmibai had told me a while ago. I also know that they have a new baby boy.’

“I must have forgotten.” Dadoji murmured and left!

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