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Easy Learn Keyboard

"Easy Learn Keyboard" has been written for music lovers to learn and play Hindi Film Songs, Bhajans, Ghazals, etc on the Keyboards.

The easy step by step directions guide you from basics of understanding the instrument to teaching fingering, learning the scale and octaves.

The book teaches you how to select sounds and rhythm patterns to fit your songs.

The background preparation mentioned above leads you into explanation of Hindustani notation. You learn to read and interpret the notation on the keyboard and begin to play your favorite songs.

If you can read western notations, songs are available in western notations also.  Click on the Sheet Music link. 

This book includes two song notation.

This book is written in English. It introduces the reader to Hindi notes and Hindustani notation system.

Cost: us $24.95 plus Shipping (in US add $5.00, outside US add $8.00)


Model shown Yamaha's PSR 270

Table of Contents:

  1. Understanding your keyboard
  2. Sargam (scale) explained
  3. Selecting Voices/Sounds and Using Rhythm 
  4. Understanding Notation
  5. Playing a song
  6. Songs

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