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Hindu Temple, Toronto

Featuring Prabhat Kumar
on Piano, Raga Hemant

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Akshardham Temple,  Delhi

A Nawabi reception for Soha Ali Khan, Kunal

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Kayastha Samaj

Temple Restoration Appeal



There is an ancient temple of Bhagwan Chitragupta located in the Diwan mohalla of Patna City, which is a suburb of the capital city of Bihar, Patna, the ancient Patliputra. The temple is located at a beautiful site on the banks of the holy river Ganga. While its ancient history is shrouded in mystery, historical records show that Raja Todarmal, the Finance Minister of the Emperor Akbar visited this temple in 1573AD. Raja Todarmal while returning from Janakpur in North Bihar, spent some time at this site and offered worship in this temple............

In the first phase, the Temple restoration committee has prepared a plan to completely renovate the ancient temple, protect it by encasing it in glass through a new structure, The estimated expenditure is about Rs. 150 million. Work has already commenced............  Yashwant Sinha
Details at Samaj's website